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Cheap franchises called Instaled arises with the idea of ​​providing a service and mandatory product to consume, while at the same time, achieving high profits with minimal investment.

The goal of our Cheap franchises is to replace traditional lighting or other low-power devices, with Last Generation LEDs bulbs.

The success of our Cheap franchises is based on:

  • We added a highly innovative component and there is a high possibility that the final customer will end not pay anything, but will do so with the monthly savings the new lighting devices produces, reducing his power bill.
  • Commercial premises not needed, neither any expense arising therefrom (administrative staff, power, etc.)
  • If in 15 days after the new LED lighting is installed and the customer is not satisfied, the old lighting devices are put back at no cost.
  • The client gets to keep the old illumination devices. This is very interesting in the case of business customers who have rented premises.
  • In the Order Form that is signed with the client, a stipulation is made: the franchisee owns the LEDs until the last payment is made. Thus, in case of any default the franchisee recovers all LEDs immediately.
  • All LEDs are from the latest generation and of high quality, coming directly from the largest German factory in China.
  • There is a possibility that the client pays replacing lighting bill with small amounts paid out daily, this system usually has a good success since there are usually several customers in the same area and the customer finds it convenient to go paying in that way.

By having as a group such high volume purchasing power, there is a contract with the factory through which the franchisee receives orders directly with a maximum discount, even if they are small.

Instaled Cheap franchises Profitable business leds

Instaled is a business aimed at everybody, with an enormous volume of clientele:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Households
  • Apartments for rent
  • Community neighbourhoods
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Bazaars
  • Etc.

There are almost limitless possibilities to attract customers.

Our product is innovative, along with the best prices available to us, enables us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have a direct agreement with the largest German factory in China, without intermediaries, allowing us to improve the prices charged by other companies in this market.

Our innovative approach and the payment facilities we offer to our customers make Instaled a unique business proposal.

Instaled is based in Spain, but internationally has franchisees in Latin America, as well as in Arabic speaking countries. All these expertise will serve to enhance and enrich the franchise.

Our product is undoubtedly designed to be the most cost-effective, and thus achieve high profitability.

Payment of the entry fee of the franchise includes:

–       Training by an engineer.

–       Legal support.

–       All the material you need to start with the franchise (brochures, business cards, personalized email , demonstration case of LEDs and several sets of light bulbs.)

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Cheap franchises .com offers a great opportunity for the entrepreneur to begin in a few cheap exemptions with great profitability and in an easiest and simple way.